Project «Integration of bank systems with core banking system»

Customer: Raiffeisenbank



Several internal bank systems were integrated with core banking system Midas through IBM WebSphere MQ Series bus.

Implementation of the MQ Series workflow logic in each system does not seem to be a good solution, because the logic is technically challenging, it is required to generate messages in the correct format and to receive and correctly interpret the response.

So, a Middleware system has been developed for the unification of interactions. It is responsible for the integration with API, ABS and bank systems, that use VB6 COM technologies.

The system is in operation since 2006, processing dozens of thousands messages daily. The data transmitted includes customer data, loan details, current account details, deposits details and more.


The Middleware system makes it possible to connect .Net systems, script language systems, Java systems, as well as upload XLS files for adjusting the core banking system data.


It was necessary to establish the data exchange process between several internal systems and the ABS. The ABS implements the API, working with IBM MQ Series messages, but the development of the logic via MQ in each system is time consuming and inefficient.


Middleware system has been developed for the unification of interactions. It became responsible for interaction with API, ABS and bank systems


  • VB6
  • COM+
  • IBM MQ Series
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker
  • SOA
  • SOAP API – .NET Framework v3.5
  • ASP .NET

Team: 6

  • Project Manager: 1
  • Team Lead: 1
  • Software Developer: 2
  • Test Lead: 1
  • QA Engineer: 1

Industry: Banking