Project «Development of the REST API for the Secure Electronic Document System»


API functions developed in the REST architectural style.

The process is initiated via the owner of the retirement savings to change the managing pension fund. This opportunity is provided by law of the Russian Federation and the automated process meets all the requirements of this law.

Authenticity of the application is provided by digital electronic signature (e-signature). Keys and the certificates of the owner are provided by the verification center «Aksicom», using the CryptoPro DSS.

REST API functions are designed for the automation of interaction of the «AksiSoft» system with other information systems and the Pension Fund of Russian Federation within the automated process.


An Agent of the non-government pension fund (NGPF) can submit an application to change pension fund on behalf of the retirement savings owner.

The application submission process includes information exchange between the next information systems:

  • CRM system of the NGPF (entry and transferring of the primary information by an Agent);
  • «AksiSoft» system (Generation of the keys and certificates, generation of the application e-signature);
  • Pension Fund of the Russian Federation system (receiving and processing of the signed application);

For the verification of the e-signature creation the SMS code is used.


«AksiSoft» system could process up to 700 applications daily. The applications are coming from CRM-system of the NGPF via REST API. The testing of the REST API functions was done by SoapUI application.


  • The system was developed by the Customer on the base of his own custom framework. At the start of the project our company lacked the needed knowledge of this framework.
  • Difficulties in coordination of the project issues between all of the privies.
  • Difficulty of the quality assurance of the REST API implementation.
  • The complexity of the Customer’s operational control.
  • The lack of methods in the CryptoPro DSS, needed for adequate automation of the application submission for the pension fund change.
  • Changing of the requirements, priorities and labor costs during the project implementation.
  • Great labor cost of the quality assurance for the developed REST API.


  • Our developers had successfully and timely passed the training course on a Customer’s framework. After this the team was ready for a full use of it in a project scope.
  • Using Atlassian Jira system for task management and issue tracking together with the Customer.
  • Investigating features of another versions of the CryptoPro DSS and using the version which has the needed methods.
  • Building relationships with the customer.
  • Timely restructuring of the project plan and labor costs without violating expectations of the Customer.
  • Using automated testing tools (SoapUI).


  • C#;
  • MS SQL;
  • E-signature;
  • CryptoPro DSS.

Team size: 4

  • Project Manager: 1;
  • Team Lead: 1;
  • Software Developer: 1;
  • QA Engineer: 1

Project size

750 – 1000 hours

Industry focus

Pension insurance