Software integrations

Integration of bank systems with core banking system
Several internal bank systems integrated with core banking system through IBM Web Sphere MQ Series bus.
Details R-Connect operation support
Established processing of transactions in the Internet-Bank R-Connect, and then loading them to the core banking system, system Qiwi, Rucard.
Development of the REST API for the Secure Electronic Document System
within the automation of applications filing for the pension fund change in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation
Payment Service Providers Integrations
into BridgerPay platform

IT landscape integrating/ ESB

Formation of a unified database of addresses
An MDM system collects address information from several internal systems of the Customer, All-Russian Classifier of Addresses and mapping system and passes it into six internal systems of the Customer.
Formation of a unified database of the customer`s complaints and requests
System processing requests from clients collects a single set of appeals from four sources and gets integrated with internal bank systems.
Formation of a unified customer profile in CRM
An employee of the customer service center instantly gains access to customer data of the five internal systems and monitors the status of the work. The developed CRM is integrated with Customer`s systems via the IBM Web Sphere MQ Series bus.
System integration via IBM bus
Five systems of the bank designed by RHSoft are integrated with other internal systems via IBM bus.

Integration with equipment

Monitoring of vehicles via GPS-modules that control the actual execution of tasks for delivery of oil products to petrol stations
Integration with the recirculator (e-cashier)
Sending commands to advancing and receiving cash on time, obtaining information about the funds received and about the authenticity. Used for the daily workflow of the cash services in offices.