Project «Processing of loan applications flow and customer applications»

Customer: Renaissance Credit bank



A single system for automated processing of a large number of requests.
The purpose of developing and implementing the system was to optimize the work of customer support department, by collecting all streams of incoming requests into a single stream and evenly distributing them among competent employees.
The first version of the system has been created and deployed within 4 months and is in operation since 2011.

Automated processes:
1. centralized processing of customer requests, complaints and claims from different sources: website, email, call center, SMS, offices (up to 16 000 requests per day);
2. document workflow and payments with partners, that attract credit requests for POS-credits;
3. management of offices workload for visits by potential borrowers (500-2000 per day).



1. Flexible configuration for work with different types of customer requests. Requests are classified as per three-levels guide.
2. Collection of applications, requests and operations from different IT systems.
3. Receiving of applications from partners by means of encrypted channels.
4. Distribution of requests among departments and employees.
5. Processing of applications and requests through adjustable workflow.
6. Choosing the least loaded office with free staff, bookings for specific time. Formation of schedule of visits to the office.
7. Automatic email and SMS notifications.
8. Entered data validation for compliance with business rules via data requests from other systems.
9. Monitoring performance of operators and departments, request processing times etc.



1. The distribution of customer requests was not optimal.
2. Requests and applications from different sources were processed by different IT systems.
3. Partner’s programs entail opening access to credit front office system, which threatened information security of the bank.



1. Data was consolidated in one system.
2. Operator’s work has been simplified.
3. Operator’s downtime and overtime have been eliminated due to automatic distribution of requests.
4. Work of branches and staff have been optimized.



  • C#
  • .NET
  • ASP .NET
  • IIS
  • MS SQL Server
  • SOAP API – .NET Framework v3.5


Team: 8

  • Project Manager: 1
  • Team Lead: 1
  • Designer: 1
  • Software Developer: 2
  • Test Lead: 1
  • QA Engineer: 2


Industry: Banking