Project «Debt collection (Soft collection)»

Customer: Renaissance Credit bank



We have developed and implemented an information system for the «Renaissance Credit» bank. The system is specialized for debt collection processes automation on the «Pre-collection» and «Soft-collection» steps. We have automated the debtors portfolio workflow for entire Bank product range.

First version of a system was created and deployed in 6 months. The system is in operation since 2004. We also completed several functionality development projects since then.



1. Complete debtors profile, including:

  • Personal data, contacts, job data
  • Credit product data, terms of credit agreement
  • Debt payment schedule
  • Debt forecast
  • Interactions history: calls, sent SMS and email messages

2. Integration with the Bank IT-systems for the debtors info and credit products information exchange

3. Integration with the contact-center system AVAYA PDS using SOAP web-service. System shows complete debtor profile to the operator on client’s incoming call or on automatically dialed outgoing call.

4. History of customer interactions, including his promises to pay the debt.

5. Client pool segmentation, interaction strategies, call scripts.

6. Repors for:

  • Personal workflow evaluation
  • Making decisions for applicable strategies

System is optimized for performance. Usually there is about 100 operators working online.



Collection specialists used to spend much time for the next tasks:

  • Searching for the debtors information
  • Determining the interaction strategy
  • Messaging

These led to a high price of a debt collection service.

It was impossible to optimize a business process, because there was no accounting for interactions history and statistics.


  1. There is now a complete client database
  2. Specialists get full client profile info automatically
  3. Results of the client interactions (e.g. promises to pay) are fixed in the accounting system
  4. Email and SMS messages are sending automatically to the debtors



  • C#
  • .NET
  • IIS
  • Capstone


Team: 5

  • Project Manager: 1
  • Team Lead: 1
  • Software Developer: 2
  • QA Engineer: 1


Industry: Banking