Project «Customer cash services»

Customer: Raiffeisenbank



Cashier`s fully automated workplace, processing transactions and loading them into core banking system. 200+ offices in Russia, in operation since 2011.



  1. Entry of cashier and service operations.
  2. Generation, execution and transmission of transactions to the core banking system.
  3. Verification of transactions, including lists of terrorists and extremists, FIS, invalid passports, limits on cash withdrawals.
  4. Flexible configuration of approvals and processing of transactions workflow, including compliance control.
  5. Management of electronic cashier (recirculator).
  6. Accounting for the real cash, the status and the contents of a safe deposit box and the off-balance sheet values.
  7. Online-status of the branch
    • Performed transactions
    • Wiring
    • Values
    • Reporting on payments
    • General summary reporting of all bank branches.
  8. API to upload transactions.
  9. Uploading of the verified transactions to the core banking system.
  10. Setting up bank's work parameters:
    • Limits, rates, commissions, exchange rates
    • Allowed transactions and currencies.
  11. Setting up rules for a specific branch and office
    • Accounts
    • Currencies
    • Available operations
    • Work stations
    • Rules of transactions' approvals


There were three front-office cash register systems in the bank, different bank offices were using different systems. It was hard to maintain and develop this systems due to either old technology or due to the difficulty of adjustment to the business processes of the bank.



  • In 6 months first version of the unified cash system has been developed and implemented:
  • All offices have been transferred to the unified cash register system
  • All transactions are stored in a single database, all entries are uploaded to ABS
  • Old systems were taken out of operation


  • C#
  • .NET
  • MS Load Balancer
  • IIS
  • AppFabric
  • IBM DB2

The system runs on a cluster of servers. Microsoft Load Balancer distributes requests by visitors to IIS cluster. Database queries are cached to reduce the load. AppFabric distributed cache synchronizes caches between IIS. MS SQL Server cluster is used.



15 members:

  • Project Manager: 1
  • Team Lead: 1
  • Designer: 1
  • Software Developer: 8
  • Test Lead: 1
  • QA Engineer: 3

 Industry: Banking