Customer cash services
Full automated cashier's workplace, creating, processing and loading of the transactions into core banking system. Used in 200+ offices in Russia, in use since 2011.
Details Processing of orders on credit management
Special system for processing requests instead of using plain e-mails and direct input into an automated banking system. 100+ users, in operation since 2006.
Debt collection (Soft collection)
Unified profile for each debtor, automation and keeping record of interactions. About 100 operators are working at the same time, in operation since 2004.
Details Processing of loan applications flow and customer applications
A single system for automated processing of a large number of applications. Up to 16,000 applications per day, since 2011.
Details Appointment of customers to the offices
Optimization of the customer's offices utilization. 500-2000 visitors to the offices per day, in operation since 2011.
Service of fixed-line subscribers
A unified subscriber profile with data from Customer`s internal systems, application processing.
Technopark CRM to serve the leaseholders
Combining the data of leasers and leaser consumed services. Application processing.
Management of sales representatives
Route and task generation for the sales representatives, obtaining reports via a mobile app. Graphical reports across the country with visibility down to the individual sales representative.