Project «Mutual settlement between car dealer and importer»

Customer: Raiffeisenbank


We have developed and implemented information system for the «Raiffeisen» bank. The system is used for automation of process execution for the bank documentary operations on mutual settlements between car dealer and importer made on the accreditation scheme.

First version of the system was created and implemented in 6 months, the system is in operation since 2013. We have completed several functional improvement projects since then.


  1. Registration of the receiving, delivery and movement of the printed vehicle registration documents in the Bank’s departments and branches.
  2. Transfer forms of the vehicle registration documents to the dealer according to the rules and restrictions, for example, after the payment was made to the importer or the car was transferred to the  dealer.
  3. Automated determination of compliance between dealer payments and importer invoices. Interface for manually setting the compliance. There could be several payment operations for the one invoice and one payment operation could be used for several invoices too.

Getting data about dealer payments from the Bank IT systems, that are accounting cash and non-cash operations.


Before the system implementation there were no tracking for the forms of vehicle registration documents. Reconciliation of payments was done manually in Excel, which led to often mistakes and great labor costs for the employees.


The employees mistakes amount and labor costs for the service were lessened by times.


  • C#
  • . NET
  • IIS
  • ASP .NET
  • MS SQL Server
  • SOAP API – .NET Framework v3.5
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker

Team: 5

  • Project Manager: 1
  • Team Lead: 1
  • Software Developer: 1
  • Test Lead: 1
  • QA Engineer: 1

Industry: Banking