Mutual settlement between car dealer and importer
Automation of the bank documentary operations in the mutual settlement of the car dealer with the car importer using the credit scheme.
Details Customer notification on the planned income to the account
Providing online information about the income by obtaining information about all transactions from the bank internal systems.
Management of invoices for proper accounting statements
A number of unrelated departments could produce the invoices, it`s necessary to follow the reporting requirements (e.g. continuous numbering, etc.)
Accounting of collaterals for loans
Unified base of collaterals. 100 000+ active collaterals, 100+ users since 2010.
[HRM] Staff assessment
Conducting transparent assessment of the staff without paper forms. 4 certifications of all 5000 employees have been held so far.
Details [MDM] Address data management
A unified company address database generated from multiple sources. Processing hundreds of thousands of addresses per month. In operation since 2007 to the present (JSC VimpelCom)
Details Technical teams route planning
Mapping of infrastructure, accidents and connection requests for the technical teams on a daily routine.
Center of Invoice Print document processing
The system processes all invoices of the company and operates under significant load.
Planning and GPS monitoring of oil products supplies to petrol stations
Preparation of tasks for filling and delivery in accordance with the remains and needs, monitoring actual performance.
Planning and optimization of food packaging production
Formation of the production program schedule, optimization of capacity utilization. Operational and management reporting.